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About Sinpai - The Waifu Store

Who’s the person behind all the chaos, Roxy Rabbit! South African-based Nekomimi enthusiast, alt apparel, and kitten gear maker at your service!

I enjoy pushing my limits and creating awesome things for people. I have 5+ years of experience in cosplay under the name BitesCosplay and have been making things for far longer than that. creating and competing became a huge part of my life, I really enjoy using a lot of those skills and techniques to make our beautiful ear sets.

not only has Sinpai offered me a creative outlet, a safe space to be myself but a community of non-judgemental, like-minded individuals and I love every second of it,  for that, I would just like to say thank you.

 Thank you for all the support it has changed my world. 

In recent years I have come to realize that I may be autistic, I had a really tough time trying to fit into this world, and I have a lot of difficulties socializing with people in person but it got easier once I had started cosplaying, it was like I could be myself and talk about my personal interests for hours on end with friends.

if anyone else has ever felt the same, I hope we could offer them a little spot in the community to call home.

consider supporting my endeavors by purchasing from my store or even leaving a tip


Sinpai was started at the beginning of 2021.
After dealing with extreme burnout and not knowing what was going on with the world due to the pandemic,
Cosplay had completely halted in South Africa, and not having an income at the time pushed me to try something new.
this was completely outside of my comfort zone, I had already made cosplay ears before but not actual products and nothing like we are now.

scratching all usable scraps together at the time I made some collars and a few cuffs, ears and tails with whatever I had on hand
I started making videos and started posting them to TikTok.

Sinpai slowly grew into the beast it would inevitably end up to be today.
Little did I know things would really take off once we started offering headset adaption's for our faux fur ears!
we were offering something completely different from the current range of cat ear headsets available on the market.

Our ear headset adaption's completely changed the game. It is one of our most sold items in shop today.
a sleek leather base and elastic attachment straps that can be attach to any of our ears which are completely customizable, Light, and fits on ANY headset!
Gone of the days of compromising on quality over style, we demand both!

we have managed to grow to the point that I have recently been able to rope my partner into helping me run TheWaifuStore.
in hopes of speeding up the turn around time and getting things out faster for all of you! I pride myself on the quality of my products. our products most definitely can't be classed as fast fashion we take our time and do things right because all our items are handmade with such incredible attention to detail and we do it all with love.

Thank You for supporting our small business!